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Computer Related Pains

In this section see articles on :
  • Tech Neck
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries

TECH NECK - NECK PAIN caused by inappropriate positioning or overuse of technical devices.


–Tech Neck is the latest in a long list of reasons why we can all fall victim to neck pain. We are seeing more people presenting with “Tech Neck” neck pain related to over-use of phones, computers, Laptops, Ipads,screens, devices and numerous other technical gadgets. Who can deny feeling the pain in your neck when you have been gazing at the device for a little bit too long! 


In the older patient, or someone who has previously suffered trauma such as a whiplash injury to the neck, or old sporting injuries, osteoarthritis may have developed which makes the neck less resilient to prolonged positioning in front of technical devices.  

In both older and younger people, muscular tension, and postural related issues can contribute.


The management of neck pain from Tech Neck requires assessment of the joints, the muscles and the nerves of the neck and its adjoining structures – the back and the shoulders. This is then followed by appropriate physiotherapy treatment to correct the abnormalities found on the examination.

The nature of the pain may give an indication of the likely cause. Severe sharp pain in a particular area or pattern may suggest nerve pain.

Headache, even without associated neck pain may is often a symptom of neck abnormalities.

The history, as told by the patient, may give the physiotherapist a guide to structures that are likely to be producing the pain but expert examination of the patient with neck pain is the key to diagnosis.


Most patients with neck pain do not require further investigations with x-rays or other tests. The management can often be decided by the physiotherapist following careful assessment and detection of abnormalities of the muscles, joints and nerves. The abnormalities can then be treated using various techniques including :

  • Manual therapy to the joints
  • Massage therapy to the muscles
  • Gentle stretches to the nerves
  • Exercise therapy including stretching and strengthening exercises.
  • Correction of poor posture and weak muscles
  • Heat treatment and other pain relieving therapies
  • Ergonomic advice
RSI - Repetitive Strain Injury
RSI is caused by over use of any part of the body resulting in inflammation of the tendons, tendonitis and overstretching of the ligaments . This is commonly seen these days with the overuse of techical devices.
Examples of RSI are :
Inflammation and pain can occur to the wrist joint by incorrect use of the computer mouse.
Shoulder problems can develop from incorrect placement of the computer mouse. 
Inflammation and pain of the base of the thumb can occur from texting. 
Treatment of RSI with consist of :
  • Identifying the repetitive movement that is causing the problem
  • Changing the manner in which you use the device using your physiotherapists advice regarding ergonomics
  • Physiotherapy to the painful joint , muscles to relieve the inflammation adn pain
  • Strenghtening of the area to prevent the same problem recurring



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