Kenmore Physiotherapy is a successful business that has delivered over 90, 000  consultations since it opened in 2001.
We aim to treat your pain until it has resolved and you are back to 100%.
Our appointments consist of 30 minutes of hands on treatment followed by further time spent after the treatment  for delivery of pain relieving modalities including heat, ice , interferential and TENS to ensure that you leave our practice feeling relaxed and comfortable and on the road to recovery.
 Hands on treatment can involve a number of therapies including:
- Assessment of the problem area and contributing factors
- Mobilisation
- Manipulation
- Deep tissue massage 
-  Individually prescribed exercise plans
- Ultrasound
- Electrotherapy including Interferential Therapy
- Heat therapy
- Postural correction
- Advice regarding pain minimisation and future prevention
Our physiotherapists aim to restore full movement, decrease pain and strengthen the area.
If you have further questions please call us.